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Companies in highly regulated industries face unique challenges in optimizing business performance and profitability while maintaining strong governance and strict regulatory adherence.  In High Performance Operations, drawing from decades of business performance consulting, I lay-out what I and my colleagues do every day to achieve these goals through the successful integration of lean- and systems-thinking.

Writing for the broad audience of operations and governance executives with whom we work in industries of every kind around the world –whether in high-compliance fields or not– we show you how to systematically incorporate all demands on your operation into planning for overall performance, value, and profitability, rather than viewing compliance practices and other demands as an end in itself.

In our work (as in the book), my colleagues and I help you discover and implement the pre-conditions for success…

  • uncover the “secret sauce” that helps you scale your successes, eliminate single points of failure, and get more of “what went right”…
  • define what value and operational excellence look like in your company, and identify the costs you’ll have to pay to achieve them…
  • create solutions, establish proof-of-performance, justify investments, measure performance, and implement continuous improvement…
  • translate solutions into working policies, patterns, processes, and procedures.

Using our proven techniques (which I’ve put into the book), you can build your company into the best place to work, the best value to your customers and the best source of return to your stakeholders.

What we leave behind among our clients is an indispensable resource for all operations managers, compliance teams, process control managers, and other decision-makers in any industry, but our bread-and-butter is working with regulated industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, IT, finance, and environmental services.

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