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Hillel Glazer is recognized as the world’s leading authority on introducing lean and agile concepts into the compliance-driven world.  He’s helped companies of all sizes and industries around the world successfully streamline their operations, increase value, and expose and eliminate practices that prevent them from achieving their performance goals.  And, he does so while simultaneously accounting for all the external compliance pressures on their operations.

Hillel is a pilot and an aerospace engineer and applies what he continues to learn in these areas in creative, disciplined approaches to solve complex business problems.  He has an uncanny ability to see clearly into hairy challenges and to explain what’s really going on in terms anyone can understand.  These abilities allow him to identify and socialize solutions to permanently eliminate the source of undesirable situations.

Hillel’s professional passion is to work with companies motivated to achieve world-class operations and excellence.  His diverse experience base includes aerospace/defense and systems engineering, large and small consulting practices, Federal agencies, dot-com operations and financial, insurance, medical and transportation systems development and support.  Having started in manufacturing where he learned the fundamentals of lean production, for more than the most recent decade, as a consultant, Hillel’s been successfully pioneering the introduction of lean philosophies, methods and techniques into businesses and industries otherwise believed to be either too chaotic or too highly restricted in freedom by their compliance and regulation requirements to be able to adopt high performance approaches.

His leadership, originality, excellence, and direct contribution to the community in this field has been recognized by the Lean Systems Society, by honoring him as a Fellow of the Lean Systems Society in its inaugural induction of fellows.

Hillel is an in-demand speaker, presenter, and facilitator.  (See where he’ll show up next.)  He is widely read, broadly published, and appears worldwide on the topics pertaining to operational excellence in compliance-driven industries. His work appears in many publications including periodicals, edited journals, and the texts CMMI for Services, 2nd Edition, CMMI for Development, 3rd Edition, and Integrating CMMI and Agile Development.

His Baltimore-based company, Entinex, has a global reach that focuses on generating powerful results for high performance operations among companies motivated to be lean, agile, and achieve world-class levels of operational excellence.  He lives in the Baltimore suburbs with his fabulous wife and four amazing children.


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